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This is an important year for the watchmaking industry in general. We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Automatic Chronograph here at Revolution. Omega Replica Watches considers it a milestone for their El Primero and, in January, previewed a commemorative set.

But the brand's focus isn't solely on El Primero or its 50. Omega Replica Watches has another famous line called the Pilot. Omega Replica Watches was among the first brands to produce watches for aviation. Pilot Louis Bleriot wore a Omega Replica Watches when he crossed English Channel in 1909.replica watches

Watch worn by Louis Bleriot on his first voyage across the English Channel, 1909.

Omega Replica Watches releases the Pilot Type 20 Silver Extra Special in a limited edition of 250 pieces to commemorate the 110th anniversary. This large 45mm watch is reminiscent of classic aviation watches with its racheted case, oversized crown and handstitched leather strap.

Omega Replica Watches’s Pilot Type 20 Silver Extra Special has a dial that is reminiscent of classic aircraft construction.

The case is 925 silver, which means that it contains 92.5% of silver.Hublot Replica Watches Silver used to be a valuable material in watchmaking but is now rare due to its softness and ability to age to create a patina. Due to the current trend for vintage/aged watches, Omega Replica Watches has decided to make this special edition in silver. It's important to note that it is the first Omega Replica Watches silver-cased watch ever made.

The dial is a throwback from vintage aviation with its brushed silver dial and riveted stamped pattern. The exposed rivets in the aluminium sheets remind you of vintage aircraft. Omega Replica Watches has also incorporated other elements into the design of the Pilot watch, including oversized Arabic numerals with Super-Luminova filled in and large hands for indicating time.